New released CD, playing with Forestone Reeds, by Mariko Endo

One of endorsers of Forestone Reeds, Mariko Endo had released her new CD in October 2012. All music had been recorded in her enthusiasm lives and she was playing with Forestone Reeds through all end. Although it has been nearly one year since she started to use Forestone Reeds, she is challenging to create her own music with trial of Forestone Reeds and various mouthpieces herself. Of course, she is very keen to use the new models of Forestone Reeds. Her creative work may build up the potential of Forestone Reeds more and more. About Forestone ReedsForestone Reeds
All music from this CD are like very talented funky saxophone player, Mariko Endo. We recommend you to pick it once even you have never known her yet. You can buy one through Amazon or Rakuten books. We are afraid we do not sale it at our website.More about her and her live information are hereMariko’s Saxophone and Music!