About Eloy Flutes

2018年5月でELOY FLUTESのお取り扱いを終了いたしました。

Harry van Ekert
Managing the ELOY FLUTES with his wife, Cilia van Uffelen.

Learnt about gold and silver smith in Vakschool Schoonhoven in Netherlands.

He had an apprenticeship as a flute making in the wind brass instruments make, Trevour James in London.

1988, Worked in Powell flute in Boston with Cilia.

1990, Opened their own shop, H&C Dwarsfluiten in Someren, Netherlands.
Started to prepare building up their own brand, ELOY FLUTES.

2008, The plate of new material, Mokumeum, was achieved and in August, Mokumeum flute
was made public in the convention of Manchester, UK.

2009, 37th NFA Convention in NewYork.

2011, 15th Japan Flute Convention in Shiga.

The origin of ELOY FLUTES
The name of “ELOY” was named from Saint Eligius, who was the patron of gold and silver smith in Catholic.